About Unicafé

A story of love, pride and passion for coffee

Vitória, November 22nd, 1968. On this day, the joining of 7 different companies resulted in the birth of the UNICAFÉ Coffee Exporting Union, a 100% Brazilian coffee exporter company.

Officially, business operations started on January 1st, 1969. The company´s first office was opened in this very year in Rio de Janeiro, as this city held the IBC – the Brazilian Coffee Institute.

50 years and over 65.300.000 bags of exported product later, the UNICAFÉ Foreign Trading Company is now one of the largest companies in the segment both in Brazil and worldwide. It is a benchmark company in both excellence and tradition.

café em grãos

UNICAFÉ´s history is marked by accomplishments achieved through much struggle, willpower and, most of all, passion for its product. In a market that is highly competitive and known for its many difficulties and setbacks – such as issues related to climate, geography and currency exchange rates, just to mention a few – only institutions which are truly solid and made up of highly qualified professionals can survive such turbulence. UNICAFÉ is a real-life example of such an institution.

Nowadays UNICAFÉ has storage facilities through the entire coffee producing region of the country: Minas Gerias (2) and Espírito Santo.

Quality, always!

Quality, always!

From its early days until today, UNICAFÉ has actively and effectively taken part of every main fact and moment that the coffee export market has undergone, both good and bad.

From the severe hail storm that shook the national market in 1975 to the recent Brazilian export record in 2011, when the country exported out about 33.4 million bags, UNICAFÉ has born witness to the history of coffee export in Brazil.

To bear witness, to survive and to remain solid and respected in a highly competitive market such as this one are the results of a core attitude: to be determined to have high service quality and high customer satisfaction.

We strive for excellence in commercialized product quality, in the qualification of all professionals involved in the process, as well as in upholding high standards in every step of the process. The very coffee exported by UNICAFÉ is tangible proof of these standards and ideals. Our superb and widely diversified product undergoes rigorous selection processes and only the very best coffee beans are chosen.

After this process, only the coffee beans that are according to the standards and demands of each client are destined for export. Part of these beans, the ones with high purity content, is destined for the internal market and is commercialized directly with the biggest national companies.

Organizational structure

  • PRESIDENT: Jair Coser
  • COMMERCIAL DIRECTOR: Batista Mancini
  • COMMERCIAL DIRECTOR: Carlos Honorato Ferreira
  • FINANCIAL DIRECTOR: Fábio Coser Teixeira
  • RIO DE JANEIRO: Anderson André W. de Farias
  • SANTOS: Moacir Delfim Leite Soares
  • SANTOS: Fabio Mattos Ferreira


  • Rio de Janeiro-RJ
  • Santos-SP
  • Vitória-ES
  • Varginha-MG
  • Manhumirim-MG
  • Vila Velha-ES
  • Varginha-MG
  • Manhumirim-MG